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#1 Reason that People Fail to Get Organized

One of my personal favourite organization feeds is As I was skimming their feed the other day, one of their articles, Organization Myth #7 caught my eye.

Myth: Decluttering or getting organized takes a brief time.
Reality: A major decluttering effort takes a lot of hours – most likely days.

If you’re a newbie to this productivity and organization stuff, this could sound very intimidating. Personally, I believe that this intimidation factor is the #1 reason that people fail to get organized. I have seen too many people avoid decluttering something simply because they “don’t have the time”.


The truth is, you can organize  your home and your life without having to sit down for 12 hours straight. Next time that you have 20-30 minutes at home, work, or anywhere else you want to organize, pick a small task, and complete it. Try to pick something important to you to organize. Think about a cluttered area that has really been frustrating you lately, and spend 20-30 minutes on that area. Chances are that if you don’t finish it, you will have at least made a noticeable chunk of progress, and you will likely resume organizing the next chance you get.



If you repeat this a few times per week, you will be able to organize 95% of the clutter you take on, and you won’t have to spend 12 hours straight working on it. It is likely though, that you will run into a couple tasks that you cannot effectively complete in 20-30 minutes. These tasks, such as re-organizing your file system, require more thought, and thus you will need to schedule a larger chunk of time to complete them.


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One Response to “#1 Reason that People Fail to Get Organized”

  1. Bruce says:

    Thanks for this. I was just talking to my wife about my need to declutter my office as I was feeling overwhelmed but how even the thought starting was overwhelming – and then I read your blog about 1 minute later.

    So this week I will be trying your suggestion.

    Keep up the blogging.