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3 Online Apps to Bring Your Media Offline

Ever hear a tune embedded in a website that you wanted to download, or a YouTube video that you MUST have on your new iPod video? I’ve discovered a couple web utilities lately that I think are worthy of a bookmark for future use.



Seeqpod is an app that searches the web for audio files, and then plays them in it’s integrated media player. While this is very useful for showing someone a song, there is no download feature, so you can’t save anything to your computer. When combined with JaSeeq, a third party tool to download music from SeeqPod, this duo does a formidable job of quickly getting audio. Of course, you wouldn’t dream of using this for anything that would violate copyright laws. to download and convert video files. If you find a great Youtube clip that you want to take offline, or pop onto your video player to watch on the go, there has been few options in the past. Each involved installing some program or browser extension that downloads the file in flv format, and then using another program to convert it to ipod or PSP format. Enter Vconvert, an online utility that will let you download any Youtube video in a variety of formats, effectively eliminating any work on your part, other than copying the URL.

BLABLA for searching Rapidshare. helps you search the popular file upload service Rapidshare for files. Sure, there are many illegitimate uses for something like this, but there are also some completely legit reasons to download from Rapidshare. When such needs arise, is here to help. Just make sure you run a virus scan on the file before using it…



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