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3 Tips for Processing Piles of Junk

Ideally, you should have only one or two in boxes, where you go to process “stuff”. Probably one at your desk at home, and possibly one in your office or briefcase/bag. Usually though, this isn’t the case. Most people find themselves with big piles of paper, objects, or other items, in places they really shouldn’t be. Having these piles of unprocessed items really undermines the entire GTD process. Having multiple in boxes not only takes up unnecessary space, but it prevents you from dealing with everything effectively, and you can’t clear your mind (which is the objective, no?).


Go through these piles, and process it in a GTD-like manner. Likely, most need immediate attention, and will probably be items you will need in the future. Try to move any junk into its appropriate place. Anything that requires more thinking or consideration, move to your primary in box.


At the end  of the process, you will probably be stuck with some things that you just don't know what to do with. When you get items like this, use the following 3 steps to get rid of them:


  1. Where would it fit best? If your are satisfied with putting it there, then do it!
  2. Do you have enough reason to create a new storage place? For example, if you get a new digital camera, you really should make a place to store your memory cards, batteries, and tripod.
  3. Get rid of it. If you still can’t figure out where to put it at this point, chances are that you don’t really need it. Our mind figures out where to store things that we need, and believe are important. If you REALLY can’t figure it out, you should probably consider throwing it out.
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One Response to “3 Tips for Processing Piles of Junk”

  1. Another great tip. Being clean and organized really takes a load off, and allows you to focus on what really matters!