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3 Ways to Load your PDFs Faster in Adobe Reader

One of the biggest problems people have with Adobe is that it seems that programs like Reader and Photoshop take forever to load. A delay in Photoshop is expected, as it does take time to load all those advanced plugins. But if you just want to open a PDF in Adobe Reader, there is no reason to spend 30 seconds loading features such as text-to-speech that you won’t even use. Apply these one-time optimizations to eliminate the wait when your teacher/boss asks you to open that PDF.

1. Upgrade to the lastest Adobe Reader. The lastest version (version 8) is much lighter than previous versions, and will load quicker. It also looks sleeker and less cluttered, which is a definite plus.

2. Disable useless plug-ins with Adobe Reader Speed-up. Run Adobe Reader Speed-up to disable features such as text-to-speech which add valuable extra seconds onto loading time.


3. Switch to a light-weight PDF Viewer. If all else fails, install a PDF viewer such as Foxit Reader or Sumtra. These programs are used solely for viewing, which means it doesn’t have to load all the editing options as does Adobe Reader.

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One Response to “3 Ways to Load your PDFs Faster in Adobe Reader”

  1. engtech says:

    FoxIt is the only PDF tip that has worked for me long term.

    Adobe keeps making reader slower and slower.