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30 Days to a Positive Change

An easy way to break a bad habit or start a new productive one, is to use the 30-day trial system. One of the obstacles of making a change in life, is that our mind tend to think of it as a permanent change, one that is not flexible. You can get around this though, using a “30 day trial” technique. Basically, you make a positive change, and carry it through for 30 days. After the time is up, you can drop it if you like. Suddenly habit-breaking becomes a whole lot easier.

Unfortunately, this is not for me. I prefer not to put my heart into something without the ability or intention to carry it through for a long time. I despise 30-day software trials, mainly because I spend time learning the software and entering data, etc, only to lose it in 30 days if I don’t buy the software.


Then again. Maybe it is worth the 30 days of experience. Comments on this?

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