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4 Steps for Using your Laziness to be More Productive

Laziness is the force that tells you not to do something because it's too much work. This is generally a bad thing, and people try to banish laziness. However, if used strategically, a little laziness could benefit you greatly. By identifying a bad habit, and making it very inconvenient, chances is are you will just get back to work, or kick the habit. Here are 4 steps for using laziness to be more productive.


1. Identify a diversion, something you don't want to do, or an object you don't want to use. (e.g. computer game, cigarettes, flickr)


2. Make getting or doing the above more inconvenient for yourself. (e.g. uninstall the game, get rid of any cigarettes that you own, block flickr from inside a greasemonkey script).



3. Make sure that you made it inconvenient enough for yourself. Your goal is to set up a situation where you might as well just get back to work. If it's not inconvenient enough, you may find yourself: re-installing the game, going out of your way to buy new cigarettes, or editing the script to re-enable flickr.


4. Apply this process backwards. Take any good habits you want to continue or develop, and make them extremely close and easy, compared to the bad habits.

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One Response to “4 Steps for Using your Laziness to be More Productive”

  1. jeggings says:

    Wow! I have never thought about it this way. Seems we can really use our laziness to do something profitable. We should just make sure we’re not too lazy to start the change! Thanks for these tips!