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4 Tips for getting the most from Google reader

Google reader is a great way to organize and get updates on all the latest content from your favourite blogs. Its great design and versatility has made it very popular. Here are a couple tips to help you get more out of Google reader.

1. Install Google Reader Notifier in firefox

Google reader notifier, located here, is a great extension for firefox that puts a little counter into your status bar. You can then see how many stories you have in Google reader that haven’t been read yet. It also serves as a link, so you can get to your reader account fast.

2. Install the Google reader subscribe script for Greasemonkey

If you subscribe to many feeds, this firefox extension can do a lot for you. Basically, this script adds a small feed icon in the upper right part of your screen. You can easily subscribe to feeds by simply clicking on this button. If you have already subscribed to this feed, a checkmark will appear over the icon, so you know not to subscribe again. Again, this is very useful if you subscribe to many feeds.

3. Use built-in shortcuts

Lifehacker posted a great article, located here, that describes how to use the various keyboard shortcuts in Google reader. Similar to the shortcuts in gmail, Google reader shortcuts allow you to navigate all your feeds easily without a mouse. My favourite shortcuts are U for hiding the sidebar, N/P for navigating posts within a feed (next and previous), and V for viewing the original article outside of Google reader.


4. Use Page2RSS for websites without feeds

If you frequently visit a website, but it does not have a feed, you aren’t necessarily out of luck. A new web app called Page2RSS will turn any page into a subscribe-able RSS feed for you.

I was thinking about this, and I thought that it would be pretty cool to turn your Google reader shared page into RSS, so your friends could subscribe to it. This could really socialize the Google reader experience. Has anyone tried this? Any thoughts?

5. Subscribe to Gearfire feed here

Happy feed reading!

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2 Responses to “4 Tips for getting the most from Google reader”

  1. Mrinal says:

    Also try Feedity – to create RSS web feeds from non-syndicated webpages or news websites.

  2. lookpdf says:

    wah finnaly i found link to make rss for my website. and now i have rss for my website. :) thanks