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5 Awesome Keyboard Shortcuts That Save Time

Have you ever wondered what that windows key between Ctrl and Alt on your keyboard does? Yes, it does minimize your games and steal window focus if you accidentally press it, but it has a real purpose, and is actually quite convenient. There are a bunch of shortcuts built around the windows key, but below are the most useful ones on a daily basis.

Win + L: Locks your computer

Win + D: Shows the Desktop

Win + M: Minimizes all programs


Win + E: Opens Windows Explorer

Win + R: Opens the Run dialog

So now you know that the Windows key isn’t completely useless. Problem is I find it does as much trouble by stealing window focus than it does from faster computing.

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7 Responses to “5 Awesome Keyboard Shortcuts That Save Time”

  1. Pamela says:

    This is indeed very useful. It’s nice to know that the windows button isn’t just another one of those annoying buttons in the keyboard, but a time saver.

  2. Alan says:

    This is great. I never thought the windows button have several other uses aside from opening the start menu.

  3. rony john says:

    i use them frequently

  4. Tintu.c.Raju says:

    hai iam tintu i like these shortcuts there are lots of shortcuts are available such as 1:for shutdown press win+U+U 2:Restart win+u+r 3:Log of win+L+L 4:to switch programs alt+Tab
    any want to know more than these please sent me a mail or visit my web

  5. Tintu.c.Raju says:

    some of the run box commands are there
    press start and click on run or press win+r then type
    1:appwiz.cpl :for add or remove programs
    2:iexplore : open internet explorer
    3:msconfig : to open the windows configuration
    4:winword : to open ms word
    5:powerpnt : to open power point
    6:mspaint : to open ms paint
    7:cmd : to open command prompt
    8:%temp% : to view unwanted temporary files
    9:temp : to view windows temporary files
    10:regedit : to open the registry editor
    to know more about that please sent me a mail at
    visit : , ,
    thank you

  6. kumar says:

    thank you mr. tintu for these shortcuts