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5 Easy ways to Combat Feeling Unproductive

What do you do when you are working at a task, but you don’t really feel up to it, or you are feeling inefficient? Sometimes you can shift gears to another task, but sometimes you cannot, and you must complete your current task. That said, it isn’t a good idea to just grind through, as you may sacrifice quality just to get it done. Instead, consider one of these ideas to relax your mind and get back on track.


I have writer’s block, I can’t think of what to write!
A good way to fight this is to read content related to that of what you must write. Personally, this works great for me when I have blogger’s block. When this occurs, I usually read through my feeds for 10 minutes, and I usually return to my work with more inspiration and determination than I previously had.


The task is WAY to big to complete!
If you have a task that is REALLY big, sometimes it can be intimidating trying to figure out where to start. The best way to tackle a large assignment though, is to first break it up into smaller chunks of work, which gives you a better picture of the work at hand.


I don’t know where to start / Aw man, do I have to?
Sometimes you have to do something that you don’t really enjoy, and would rather not be doing. If you feel resistant to starting because of possible unpleasantness, a good way to progress is to just dive in. If you stop worrying and start do-ing, the rest will probably come to you. Writing an essay or a report for work is a good example. The hardest part may be started, but after that you can really achieve flow and momentum, as your brain gets more and more ideas.



I’ll do it later / Why do I have to do that?
If you just feel plain lazy or you don’t have any motivation, try this technique. Remind yourself that any work you must do will only be temporary, and after that you can truly relax, without your mind nagging you to get to work. Also, consider the rewards of completing the task, or the consequences of not doing so.


I can’t concentrate, way too much stress!
If you’re feeling stressed out, or your mind is scattered, then you should take some time to relax and regroup. Personally, my favourite methods of doing this are: A hot shower with no time constraints, my favourite meal, watching a good TV show, with no other commotion, and enjoying an episode of Diggnation. Remove any possible stress-factors such as appointments, meetings, etc, or anything else involving time. Just give your mind a chance to mellow out, and you will feel much more productive when returning to your work.

Obviously, some of these apply better to certain situations. For example, you couldn’t very well take a shower at work or school, but it may help at home.


Next time you are in a situation such as this, take note of what you do next, and look back on how well it works. So what is the most effective method of combating the ‘I-don’t-feel-like-it’ bug? Well ultimately, what works best at getting you back on your feet is likely unique to you, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the sweet spot.

What do you do to combat unproductivity?

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