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7 Steps to a More Secure Password

Having a strong password is always important, especially in the case of financial accounts or other sensitive data. The passwords of your pay pal and online banking accounts should be well thought-through and considered. That is why I have compiled a list of my favourite resources online concerning password security. Enjoy!

Basic tips for choosing a secure password

Includes a lot of basic password tips for beginners.

How long does it take to crack your password?

This site shows the amount of time it would take various computers to crack your password, based on the total number of possible characters, and the length of the password. This is very useful for comparing potential passwords. It shows just how much better adding an extra character to your password can be.

How to log-in at a cybercafé without fear of key loggersIf you ever use a cybercafé, you are probably aware of the danger of key loggers. This site explains a trick for bypassing key loggers from stealing your password. Tested on 4 popular commercial key loggers.

Strong Password Generator


Generates a custom-length password that is extremely strong. Also generates a reminder phrase.

Compounding password techniqueExplains the technique of compounding easy to remember words, which involves alternating letters between two or more words.

How to remember your lock combinationDescribes how to easily remember your lock combination by adding it to your birthday.

In-depth article on password security, by a security expertExplains in depth how cracking software works, and how to choose a crack-safe password.



Do you have any other articles or tools that you find useful? If so, please leave a comment!


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