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7 Web Apps of Highly Effective Students

Make this school year easier by incorporating some useful web apps into your life. Whatever you need to manage: homework, your time, your roommates, or your files, these 7 applications have got you covered!


  1. Google Docs for creating and storing documents for access on multiple computers. If you are going to be using the school computers, but need to access your documents at home, use Google Docs. This will eliminate the need for a thumbstick, and will ensure file compatibility between computers.
  2. DropBoks for online data storage. DropBoks has a clean, simple, and intuitive interface that lets you right click files to move, delete, and download, as well as organize files into folders. These features give DropBoks the edge over the rest of the crowd of file-sharing web apps.
  3. Gradefix to manage homework and studying time. Doing homework is hard enough, not to mention the management task of keeping track of due-dates. Let Gradefix help instead! Just enter in the due date and time required for assignments as you get them, and Gradefix will schedule your studying sessions, depending on how much time you have available.
  4. MeeTimer to keep yourself on task while online. It is easy to get sidetracked while researching online and end up spending an hour browsing profiles on facebook, or chatting on Meebo. MeeTimer is a Firefox extension that tracks your time on different sites, and displays helpful reminders when you are on non-work sits too long.
  5. Billshare to share expenses between roommates. Keeping track of bills and expenses between roommates can be hard, especially if you don’t know each other. Billshare lets you track expenses and divide them up between roommates. It even sends nagging emails reminding them to pay, and shows statistics of who pays, and who is a cheapskate.
  6. eNotes for online study guides. You really SHOULD be keeping your own good study notes, but in the case that you don’t/can’t/miss class, eNotes is a great way to study up on common academic subjects.
  7. Schoolr for fast searching and referencing. You won’t get much work done if every time you open your browser you see the weather and your latest feeds. Instead, opt for a more productive homepage that can help you find stuff online.
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  3. Amazing, I’ve never even considered using it and now I can see how much it can help! I think I’m gonna try all these applications to choose the one that’ll fit best.