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9 Creative Ways To Make Extra Cash As A Student

Aren’t we students notoriously low on cash? Even high school students like me whose lives are heavily subsidized by our parents seem to be forever in need of a quick buck or two. These ides won’t pay your way through any degree programs, but they might get you a movie over the weekend, or a few dollars to burn at the mall. Or you know, you could save it all and invest in a high growth mutual fun or an emerging market in Asia and then take that money a few years down the road and retire at 40. :D

  • Perform a service for someone. No, not thatkind of service. If you’re really good at a little something, why not charge people to do it for them? I’ll give you an example. I’m neurotic about maintaining perfectly manicured nails. I carry a bottle of nail polish with me every where to touch up any potential mishaps on the go. I often like to do crazy patterns all over my nails. Replicating country flags, doing zebra stripes, or having little flowers on all my nails, that sort of thing. A friend recently noticed this fact, and paid me 5 dollars to paint a fun design on her nails during a free period. It was only five bucks, but that’s a latté the next morning, so it was all good. Maybe you’re really good at organizing book shelves, or shoulder massages after soccer practise? You’d be surprised what people will pay for.
  • Check someone’s mail for them each day for a small fee. Or walk their dog, or wash their driveways. (Homeowners in Canada love to do this, although I don’t get why your driveway needs to be spotless.)
  • Drive your friends to restaurants or coffee shops and get them to buy you something there in return. You won’t make money, but you’ll get free food/drinks. This probably works best for people in my age group where not all my friend have driver’s licences yet, so someone is always chauffeuring everyone around and taking something in return. But once again, you’d be surprised what people pay for.
  • Have a carwash after a rainfall.(Everyone’s car will be dirty.) Donate half to charity and the other half to your Starbucks habit.
  • Have a dessert sale.Except you sell desserts from other cultures instead of your standard cookies and cupcakes.
  • Fix people’s gadgets. Or teach them how to do it so they won’t have to bug you again.
  • Tutor an elementary or high school student in a subject you’re learning. I had a friend who once got math tutoring from someone getting a degree in physics. They charged a little more than other tutors because they were learning such high-level math. The other bonus to this is that if you tutor a kid in the younger elementary grades, they’ll think you’re really cool because you’re so much older. Remember how much in awe you were of teenagers when you were in the third grade? Exactly. Their parents will be more willing to fork over cash to you if their kids admire and look up to you. Parents like when their kids have good role models.
  • Makes bets on everything. Bet on how long it’s going to rain, whether or not your teacher will say certain words during tomorrow’s lecture, how long before Ashely Simpson’s baby is born, etc. Use your imagination. I once made 20$ on a bet that my geography teacher would pull his pants up to this belly button the second class started. And he did. Ka-ching!
  • Start a lemonade stand on your street. People will think it’s hilarious because of your age, and they’ll stop by to see what you’re doing. Toss in a killer sales pitch, and you’ve got enough lunch money for a week.

What other creative ways to make some bank can you think of?


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14 Responses to “9 Creative Ways To Make Extra Cash As A Student”

  1. Sr. Kau says:

    Maybe prepare papers for other people.

  2. Ayomide! says:

    That’s be cheating though. Maybe editing papers for others for a small fee would be okay.

  3. Daryl Tay says:

    I really like the last one!

  4. Nathaniel says:

    Nice post. I need community service to graduate, though. Lol.

  5. Ayomide! says:

    @Nathaniel. Oh me too! I need a lotal of fourty hours, and I think I have about 10. I should really get on that. :D

    @Darly. Thank you. I like it too!

  6. Don’t forget to include what you do best! BLOGGING! You can certainly make cash doing that especially with the time you have in college. ~ Charles

  7. Yes Blogging!

    You can also add:

    Doing laundry
    Online Writing Websites like Associated Content
    Cooking for people
    fixing peoples computer problems

  8. “Check someone’s mail”? Doubt you’ll get many takers for that. Besides what you’re doing right now on your blog should be making some money :)

  9. John Peden says:

    Buying and selling used text books at the beginning and end of term

  10. Anna says:

    On your tutoring suggestion – there are now websites that let you tutor from home via webcam and collect $$ by paypal. Check out Revoluminary ( or Ziizoo (

  11. Andrew says:

    I really like the last one!

  12. Poems Girl says:

    Your suggestions are great, thank you sooo much!

  13. paulette says:

    I think those are nice suggestions to keep going instead of nothing:)

  14. maddy says:

    how can you get money for blogging?