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Avoid Spam with 2Prong – Disposable Email Addresses

I was downloading some trial software the other day, when I was asked for my email address. Now, I just wanted to download one piece of software, and I wasn’t interested in contacting the company any further. Well I could just put in my email, or I could use a + extension on my Gmail address, or better yet, I could use a disposable email address. is a the only disposable email service that I have found that gives you quick and easy temporary emails without needing to sign-up, or enter anything at all. It is free, modest, and totally secure. While it may not provide some of the features that other disposable email services might, it by far provides the quickest and most secure way to deal with spam.

When you visit, you are automatically assigned an email address ( for example). This address is automagically copied to your keyboard, so you simply have to hit Ctrl + V to paste the email into the sign-up field. Optionally, you can choose any email you want ( is the current address, but this changes frequently to avoid getting filtered by various services.)

Any emails sent to that address will appear in the box located below your temporary address. You can keep this window open for as long as you want, and even refresh it, as long as you don’t leave and revisit the website.

BLABLA is remarkably simple, effective and secure. I give it 2 spam-free Thumbs up!



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