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Back To School Guide

Back to School

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The new academic year is approaching, and so I thought I would write a back to school guide. However; a few weeks ago, I found a post that I don’t think I could beat for useful back to school advice. The post is “Back to School Advice You Won’t Find in Your Freshman Handbook” on Cal Newport’s “Study Hacks” blog. It offers a humorous, yet true look at freshers week and the first week back at school.

Here’s a quote from the article…

“Where social circles are vital and the party scene can be equal parts exhilarating and brutal. With this in mind, I want to present three pieces of gritty back to school study advice that are crucial, but that you probably won’t hear anywhere else” – Cal Newport

To read on, you will have to check out the article! As well as that, Cal has written another post similar to it this year, found here.

As for my own advice…


Don’t get behind with work already
The last thing you want to do, so early into the term, is get snowed under with work that is already well past its deadline. Ensure you can get your work done before you spend all of your time partying.

Make sure organization systems are set up
This gets you in the habit right from the start. Make sure you’ve got your folders labeled, in-boxes set up and everything is ready for the new term. Also saves a lot of head-aches later when you are trying to find that piece of paper you were given in your first week that turned out to be vital.

Ensure you have chosen the right courses
You might not like all of the courses that you have selected. Most educational institutions give you the chance to change if you want to. Take the time to really check that these are the right courses for you, and make the chance if you want to.

Don’t sign up for every extra-curricular under the sun
Yes, many of them sound appealing, however; you don’t know how much time you have available at the moment. Work loads at the start of term rarely stay the same throughout the term, some get heavier, others get lighter. Sign up for one activity now, and select some more if you have time later on in the term.

And finally…

Don’t forget the importance of meeting people
If you are new to wherever you are studying, this can be the most important aspect of the first few weeks. I won’t repeat it, but Cal Newport’s post offers some excellent advice on this tip. Now is the time friendships are forged, and you don’t want to miss out on that by being an obsessive studier already.

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4 Responses to “Back To School Guide”

  1. Thanks for the great tips. Today is my first day of fall semester, and I’m pretty excited.

  2. Carl Hickson says:

    Good luck with fall semester Ibrahim! I am not back until September the third and am looking forward to seeing everyone again.

  3. IMFreakz says:

    Good luck with fall semester Ibrahim!

  4. Thanks fo tips. Coming back to school is always hard, also for teachers!