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Blog Karma (again)

I really have to come up with good titles for these posts. Our archives are going to be full of indistinguishable blog karma posts very soon…     … That said, I hope the good blogs don’t stop coming, as I really enjoy sharing these unique blogs with everyone.


Popular Blog of the Week

Cube Rules is a blog focused on cubicle work, and being a Cubicle Warrior. Cube Rules is filled with unique and in-depth content on a pretty narrow niche. As a student, some of these articles don’t apply well to me, but that doesn’t stop me from seeing that this blog contains good-quality information. I’m not exactly sure how many RSS subscribers Scot has, but his Alexa rating is quite good, so I am classifying this as popular. If this sounds interesting to you, check it out!



New Blog of the Week

I found this blog while browsing the Getting Things Done FeedBurner Network.
(Trying to) Get Things Done is self-described as “The attempts of a student to complete the GTD Mastery 100”. Now, this really interests me, as it is one of the only other student-oriented GTD and productivity blog that I have ever seen. I think this is a very undeveloped niche, and it is great to see other bloggers join in. This blog is just starting to roll, but I wish Chris the best of luck. If you like Gearfire, I highly suggest you subscribe to this blog.


If you author or know of a productivity, organization, or GTD blog, please let us know via comment. We are always looking for new blogs to discover, and offer to our readers.

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One Response to “Blog Karma (again)”

  1. Scot Herrick says:

    As a regular reader and subscriber to GearFire, I find great content and good ideas here all the time. Nice going!

    There are lots of books on management, customers, and going from good to great, but not much out there on what it takes to survive in corporations today where most of our knowledge workers work. Cube Rules is about how to become a Cubicle Warrior and survive in that environment.

    It’s fun to write and a necessary discipline to learn for so many of us. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. [...] quick thanks to Geoff over at GearFire for the nice callout of this blog. It’s really [...]