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Blog Karma (1st Week of March)

As promised previously, here is this week’s Blog Karma. I’ve re-evaluated the classifications of popular and new. From now on, new will be any blog with LESS RSS subscribers than we have at the time, and popular will be any blog with more. It seemed quite silly to introduce a blog ‘new’ even though they have more readers than Gearfire, so from now on the classifications will be ever changing with our subscriber count. So without further a due, this week’s blog karma.


Popular Blog of the Week

The Cranking Widgets Blog is a cool name for an even cooler blog. If you look around a bit, you will notice that it has a very ‘old-school blog’ feel about it. The mixture of content and personal updates, along with the interesting cool widgets in their sidebar, make Cranking Widgets a really fun blog to read. But don’t think that its all fun and games. Cranking Widgets regularly write some very unique content, including the GTD Masters, a series in which Brett interviews the authors of some of the most popular productivity blogs around, such as LiveDev and Black Belt Productivity. This unique blog is definitely worth a place in your feed reader.


New Blog of the Week


Hate the Grind is a blog who’s tagline is ‘Making Money Online’ but also delivers some very interesting blogging and other content. I was surprised to notice that this blog only has 13 RSS subscribers, but considering that they just started about a month ago, that number is right on track (more than Gearfire had after a month).  Though Hate The Grind is not a productivity blog, I suggest that you check it out to see if you like it, as they provide a lot of content worth reading.


If you have a productivity related blog, even loosely, please drop a comment. We are always anxious to discover, (and subscribe to) new blogs.


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2 Responses to “Blog Karma (1st Week of March)”

  1. [...] like Hate The Grind was featured as New Blog of the Week over at Gearfire in their Blog Karma post for March. While I would rather be the Popular Blog of the Week, and not just the new guy, [...]

  2. Yeah, definitely check out Hate the Grind. It’s a very good website. I’ve been enjoying it over the past weeks.

  3. [...] guys over at Gearfire Productivity chose CW as their ‘Popular Blog of the Week’, and also made me blush a bit with their complimentary post. Thanks [...]

  4. Stephen says:

    There are a lot of “new” productivity blogs showing up, all over the place. Getting Things Done appears to be reaching a Tipping Point in popularity! Check out the GTD Network on Feedburner if you haven’t already.