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How To Catch Up On Missed School Work After A Vacation

I just spent the last two weeks in Nigeria (my birthplace) visiting family and eating. Except some days when we ate, then went to go see family. The first week of the vacation was my March Break, but the second week involved me missing those days of school. I am now back, it’s halfway through the week and I am quickly learning what not to do when you have a full week of school work, assignments and projects to catch up on in just 4 days, all while keeping up the the current school work. In case you ever take a leave from school, here’s what you need to know when you come back.

  1. Prepare before hand.Go to all your teachers and ask for the specific things they’ll be assigning while you’re gone. And make sure you fully understand what you have to do. I made the mistake of only vaguely understanding the work for my American History course and therefore could not do it while I was away. I’m now back, the project is late and I’ll probably get a lower mark that I would have had I scheduled a meeting with my teacher to clear out the fog in my brain. Big mistake.
  2. Take what you need beforehand. Make a checklist of the things you’ll need to take, such as your textbooks, handouts you’ll need, school supplies(!) and the like. Another thing that might pop up, especially if you’re in high school is movies or videos you’ll be watching. I ended up having to pay a silly amount of money for the 30th anniversary edition of Close Encounters of the Third Kind for an English project because I forgot to get it from a friend before we left. So I am now stuck with a collectors item I’ll never use again but am too cheap to get rid of.
  3.  Ask for help. Take a lesson from Eckhart Tolle and set aside your ego to ask for help. Ask your classmates first, as they’ll give you the most easily digestible version of what’s been going on while you left, and your teachers second as you’ll need to know the technicals of what you’ve missed. If you still don’t get things after asking the first time, ask again. And you should without a doubt ask for extensions on your projects, assignments and tests.
  4. Get enough sleep and take adequate breaks.Whether you missed one day of school, or one week, catching up on missed work is difficult. It is even more difficult if you just got back from vacation to a far away place and have yet to readjust to you home time zone. Getting enough sleep (and water actually) will the crucial for your health, and your student productivity. I am quite possibly the biggest proponent of adequate sleep, as well as it’s current biggest hypocrite. I’ve slept maybefour hours each night for the past few days and have been walking around with a perma-headache and a case of jet lag. Ergo, I’m the slightest bit sluggish and am getting much less work done than I would be able to if I would just give myself a break and take a nap. Take it from someone who’s making the mistake as they write this. You are a human being, and you must be gentle on yourself and easy with your personal expectations as you’re trying to catch up.
  5. Take a walk each day.Okay, so the actual walking won’t directly help you finish all your work, but exercise is an effective and healthy mental stimulant. Three cups of coffee isn’t. Neither is several cans of Red Bull nor pop (or soda for you Americans). You’ll need to be nice and alert while you’re slugging through your work so you night as well do it the proper way. And now that exercise advice has arrive at Gearfire, and Daniel’s even written about how to Walk Yourself Fit, you’ve got the perfect place to start.

So there you go folks. The 5 step guide to catching up at school, chock full of good advice, personal anecdotes and a dash of common sense. The perfect recipe for staying on top of the school world. If you’ve even taken a significant leave from school, what did you do to catch back up?


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8 Responses to “How To Catch Up On Missed School Work After A Vacation”

  1. Stuart says:

    I set up an elliptical machine and put my laptop in front of it. Then I would study flash cards on the computer while I exercised. It helped me stay awake while studying!

  2. Derek Jetter says:

    Good tips, thanks. I would also suggest using some kind of a tool to keep all the stuff that has to be done in one place. I personally use a project management tool called Wrike. They have a free account by the way. Helps to organize things.

  3. seo blog says:

    Unfortunately i now have to retake a year of uni simply because i went down with the flu when i was suppose to be doing the catching up. Great tips though!

  4. paulette says:

    Jotting down to do’s is really helpful. It saves time and effort too!

  5. Great tips thanks.

    I work and study best in blocks of effort of 90 minutes, with a 30 minutes relaxation break after. Important: relaxation means no e-mail, tv, computer, phone etc. Only to clear your mind, and maybe something to eat.


  6. I’d go for just getting your head down and getting the work done ASAP. Same applies for a normal job when you come back from holiday.

  7. Poems Girl says:

    Great pointers!!!

  8. Savanna says:

    I just recently missed the whole week of school with the flu. The good news is, Spring break is here now, so I will have time to catch up, before going back, but these tips are helpful.