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ChangeThis Manifesto: Presentation Revolution

Although at GearFire we pride ourselves in being the content, not just a way of getting to the content, I found something that I could not resist sharing with you, it is a “manifesto” on ChangeThis about presentation skills called:

“Presentation Revolution: Changing the Way the World Does Presentations”

The idea of ChangeThis is to circulate ideas that challenge what is generally accepted, particularly the views drilled into us by the media. In addition to this, it provides some revolutionary concepts that are designed to prompt discussion, whether their thinkings are right or wrong.

This particular manifesto looks at public speaking, and how in so many instances, peoples skills in it are flawed. If you have to deliver a speech in class, this will certainly offer you some advice at how to do it well.


Most prominently in the article is the idea of being a rebel, and this is why speeches are remembered. Think of the greats, Martin Luther King for example, his speech wasn’t remembered because he was saying the same as everyone else. It lived on and became world famous because he had an idea that at the time, was controversial. This is one of the major reasons why speeches are remembered, because they offer something different, something new or something original. Being a rebel is not only done via the content, but by other aspects such as design too (bullet points are not always your friend!).

Take a read, it really could make a difference to your presentation skills.

If you want to discuss the ideas presented in the manifesto, feel free to do so in the comments section below. I would love to hear what you all think.

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