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Clutter Hack – Using eBay to Get Rid of Junk

eBay is the internet's largest marketplace, where your junk is truly someone else's treasure. I have seen this first hand when a women spent $50 on a toy saxophone that I found at a garage sale for only $2, putting an extra $45 into my pocket after fees. If you consider yourself a pack-rat, or find your self wanting to keep things because you could "use it later", then eBay can be really useful to you. 


1. Assess the availability. You can use eBay to quickly check the availability of an item, to see how common something may be. If you see that the item has a low price, and that many are available, you can convince yourself that if you really need it in the future, you can find another of the same.


2. Determine the item's value, and weigh it against personal attachment. Suddenly that old set of plates that you inherited from your grandparents doesn't seems to sentimental after you find out it is worth $450.



3. Get rid of old boxes and shipping material. eBay is also a way to get rid of your endless pile of product boxes, packing chips, and used bubble wrap. I know that my basement is stacked to the ceiling with boxes of every size. The huge variety of shapes and sizes make for snug, secure, and cheap shipping. It also un-clutters your basement of boxes that you may not want. You can also make use of old used bubble wrap, and foam packing chips. Not only does this help get rid of stuff, but it cuts expenses, as you don't have to purchase any packing or shipping materials.


eBay is a great way to discover new money in your junk. It is funny how most people consider perfectly good items that they do not want, "junk". If it is in good condition, then there is probably someone out there who would like to buy it. Go sign-up today, and make some extra money which organizing your home!



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