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ThinkingRock + (Modded) PocketMod = the HipRock

My sophomore post will outline my current GTD implementation and how I integrated what I learned previously.

If you read that article, you’ll know that my three requirements for a GTD implementation are: simplicity, portability, and integration.

With those in mind, I present my implementation.

ThinkingRock: aka “Home Base”


You can read a review here. Suffice to say, ThinkingRock is made by GTD’ers for GTD’ers. The main features that make ThinkingRock a standout for me are an excellent community, dedicated developers, USB portability, and list-making capabilities (more on this later).

Nokia 2125i: aka “Calendar”

Nokia 2125i

It’s just your basic cell phone (doesn’t even have a camera), but it serves its purpose: phone calls and a calendar. Originally, I had used Google Calendar to send me SMS reminders (free to receive). However, if you wanted to add a new reminder, you had to send a SMS (which costs this student money). I decided to try out the phone’s native calendar function and found it to be all I needed (including re-occurring events and custom icons for different tasks).


At this point, I’ve covered the portability aspects of my implementation, but where do integration and simplicity come in? After all, it’s kind of hard to add new tasks to my USB key when I’m walking down the street or riding the subway.

HipRock: aka “my (modded) PocketMod and tribute to the HipSkine

Putting everything together, I have a user-friendly, ultraportable setup. Just thought of something you have to do? Write it in New Thoughts. Need to know what you should be doing right now? Look at all your NA’s. Need a projects list? ThinkingRock also has a report option which can print all your current projects.

What’s missing? Integration.

The final step takes place during my Weekly Review. I sync my HipRock’s completed NA’s and process New Thoughts with ThinkingRock. I then print an updated HipRock.

Look out next week, here I come!


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3 Responses to “ThinkingRock + (Modded) PocketMod = the HipRock”

  1. Tom says:

    Which version of Thinking Rock are you using?

  2. Chris Y. says:

    Tom: I’m using v2.0 Epsilon

  3. Hurricane says:


    Just use TRPPC if you have a WindowsMobile device. Works for any host OS that can run ThinkingRock.

    Ok, in any other case, we’re still missing a good sync-function. Maybe autosyncing with outlook (unfortunately windows only) and then syncing outlook with your device. Every device’s proprietary sync-app supports outlook.

    Of course a sync with Thunderbird+Lightning would be even better. There is FinchSync for syncing this with your PDA again. And some guy just builds a finchsync client that runs on all platforms (including mobile phones and pdas).

    I’m using TRPPC and FinchSync right now. :D