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Dealing with Spring Weather

© Maria Schwartzman 2008

Spring is a time of crazy weather (at least if you live in the Midwest like I do). One day it can be 80 and sunny, the next 40 and rainy, you get the point. This can be quite a dilemma for college students as we basically have a set wardrobe that can’t be easily changed (without running out to the nearest unnamed store, that is). Here are a few tips to deal with spring weather:


  • invest in an umbrella or raincoat: this will help keep you and your books dry during torrential downpours or light drizzles.
  • keep some newspaper around: newspaper is great for laying out wet clothes and shoes, along with stuffing said shoes in order to dry them out faster. You can also use newspaper to cover up books on the way to class in a rainstorm or to cover your own head with in place of an umbrella. (It’s also good for spring cleaning: window and mirror washing, dusting, etc.)
  • keep a few heavier clothes around: even though you want to take all your winter clothes home over spring break, keep at least a hoodie or jacket and some long pants just in case it gets cold again. You never know when they could come in handy. The same for shoes: don’t take all your closed-toe shoes or boots home because you may still need them.
  • look at the weather forecast: either watch the TV for the forecast or use an online source (like or to see what the day’s weather should look like. This will help you plan what to wear and to not be caught unawares for rain/snow/etc.

Hopefully these tips will come in handy for the last few days or weeks of class remaining!

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4 Responses to “Dealing with Spring Weather”

  1. John Peden says:

    Simple straightforward tips, thanks

  2. seo blog says:

    Men should find it much harder to control their hormones in spring. Not just weather :)

  3. Poems Girl says:

    But I don’t have time to look at weather forecast. However I keep some newspapers

  4. If you don’t have to check the weather forecast then listen to the radio while you’re getting ready. It will come to your ears even if you’re focused on something else. Thanks for this post, gives a lot of tips how to deal with this tricky weather.