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Make Extra Cash on the Side from your Academic Efforts with Online Tutoring

You spent the whole year working hard at your Academics, and now it’s summer and you need to make some extra cash. Don’t reach for the job section of the newspaper just yet. You may not have realized it, but other people will pay a pretty penny for advice and guidance from someone who just took the courses you did. I’m talking about tutoring.

There seems to be an unfilled gap between cheap just-passed-the-course-last-year student tutors, and expensive, highly-qualified adult tutors who seem to be out of touch with your course. That’s where comes, a new website that lets students tutor or receive tutoring through an web-cam based virtual classroom.  The site lets students create classes in any topics and encourages creativity.  In addition to traditional tutoring topics like math and sciences, the site already offers courses such as “African Travel”, “How to Raise Money for Non-Profits”, “Screenplay Analysis” and “Mountaineering.”

Here is the


Top 7 Topics You Never Thought to Tutor, from

Languages.  I know, I know… a French or Spanish tutor that helps students out with their foreign language class is NOT unique.  So here’s our twist: teach English to someone in a foreign country.  It’s a common job abroad, so why not do it from home?  There are plenty of students, business people, scientists and even politicians out there that are looking to learn English from a native speaker.  With online tutoring, you can find these opportunities while making some money on the side.
The Last Class You Took.  But I just finished it!  Well guess what?  You probably remember the details of the class better than an expert in the field.  Not only that, but you’ll know the ins and outs of your professor’s testing style.  Tutor the class you took last semester to a younger student and you will not only earn some money, but also retain the material better in the long-term.
Mock Interviews.  If you’ve ever interviewed for a job, help others prepare by mock interviewing them. But what if your school’s career center already does that?  Good for your school!  Not everyone has this available to them.  Think about the people that didn’t go to college, or don’t have a very good career center at their school, or are switching into a completely unrelated field.  If you have some inside knowledge about a specific company or type of job, someone out will pay up for it.
School Admissions.  If you’re in college or grad school, you must’ve done something right.  Help a younger student figure out how to do what you just went through.  Remember all the soul-searching essays you wrote?  Give them some of your Midas-touch advice on admissions applications, tests and essays.  Can’t find students that’ll pay your for it?  Look for their parents instead!
Your Favorite Hobby.  Do you do Tae Kwan Do?  Collect baseball memorabilia?  Full-contact ping pong?  Whatever it is, you can teach others about it.  While this one won’t cover your college tuition, you might earn a few bucks, meet people with similar interests and get a chance to boast your know-how in something you are passionate about.
Travel Advice.  Traveled to Europe with your family?  Studied abroad in Australia?  Stayed in a hostel in South America?  Tell someone all about it!  Think about all the research you did before your trip and how much easier it would have been to have someone just tell you where to go, what to see and what to watch out for.  One-on-one travel advice goes beyond anything you can get online; it is the most personal, unbiased and fun way to get ready for a big trip!
Your Hometown.  Whether it’s the cheapest gas stations, the local school rivalries or the crazy cat lady living down the street, you know your hometown like the back of your hand.  Now consider all the people out there that will move to or visit your home town in the near future.  Why not give them the inside scoop?  It’s a pretty cool way to help out, and it doesn’t require any special preparation from you.

If you finished well in your course, like teaching, and want to earn some extra cash, Revoluminary is a great side business that takes very little effort or money to get started.

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