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FileAnt – File Manager and Explorer replacement

Have you ever been annoyed by having to have two explorer windows open at the same time?  If your answer is yes (or even no) then FileAnt is for you.  FileAnt is a free file manager and oh so much more.  FileAnt features a dual pane with tabs interface to make copy/pastes easier.  Just drag a little to the left and there you go.  It is also somewhat customizable.  You can select the file font, tab font and viewer font.  FileAnt also sports a handy preview box in case you are unsure of what file you are looking at, or listening to for that matter.  FileAnt also comes with a built in audio player.  This audio player allows you to preview different types of audio from the file browser (.wav, .mid,.au, .snd, .mp3, .mp2, .dat, .m3u, .mp3, .mpv2)  and you can listen to some of your tunes from the AntTray.  When you close FileAnt, it doesn’t exit.  It still runs in the system tray.  One click on AntTray and FileAnt is back up and running.  A right click and you can select options such as shutdown, start mp3 player, stop player and choose base folder (the folder that it searches for mp3s).  The preview also supports standard image formats (.bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .ico) text and web formats (.txt, .rtf , .htm, .html, .shtml, .eml, .dir, .xmb, .plg, .asp, .htw, .its, .url, .wrl, .wrz, .vrml, .viv, .pdf) and video formats (.avi, .aif, .aiff, .aifc, .m1v, .mov, .mpa, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .qt)  but they don’t stop there!  Screensavers are also shown in the preview box.  What Next?! FileAnt has another built in feature called ArchAnt which is an archiver.  Yes, you can even view the contents of a supported archive in the preview box (.exe, .zip, .ace, .arj, .rar). Although ArchAnt is still in its beta stages, it does a pretty good job.  (all other formats are treated as simple text).  FileAnt includes another “Ant” (geez, when do they stop?) – FtpAnt.  Just as the name suggests, it is an ftp client.  Some features in FtpAnt are FtpBookmarks – rather self explanatory, RAPIDFIRE FXP with progress bars (currently unavailable because of code issues) and a bunch of other things. 


Another “Ant” is the AntHill.  The AntHill is a substitute for the folder tree.  It uses a lot less resources because it only contains folders you tell it to.  No more folders that you never use cluttering up you space.  There is one feature that isn’t an ant.  It is the Pie Chart.  It gives a visual representation of what files/folders occupy the current drive.



All of these ants and you’d think they’d need a lot of resources.  Not at all.  FileAnt does all of this with a surprisingly small amount of system resources, give or take eight megs.  Over all, FileAnt is a great program to have and its FREE!



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