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Gadgets that Aid the Studying Process

There’s much more to studying these days than the time you relied on just your trusty notepad and humble pencil to get you through those hours of poring over books, drinking mug after mug of state coffee and chewing on any junk food that you can get your hands on. Gadgets have percolated into every aspect of our lives, and present day students never had it so good. There’s a plethora of options for them to choose from, some for practical purposes and most for entertainment aspects. But if you’re serious about the way you study, if you’re looking to boost your efficiency in terms of time management and learning capability, here are a few gadgets that will aid your endeavor:

Neat Notebooks: Yeah, I know that it’s almost a given these days for college kids to tote their laptops from class to class, but how do they use them when they’re cramming for exams? It’s best to preplan and use your notebook computer to store and organize lessons, study plans and assignments. You could also use it to hold your scanned books (see below) in the digital format so that you’re saved the trouble of lugging them around wherever you go. Laptops that are wireless enabled allow you to access the Internet around any WiFi hotspot when you have to do research online.

Practical Pen drives: When you’re forced to move from place to place and leave your laptop behind or if your system runs out of battery power, it’s your pen drive that steps up and helps you carry all your assignments and lesson plans to another computer. They’re great storage media for files and accessories that you use often but only on a temporary basis.

Inspirational iPods: I’m not the first person to sing paeans to an iPod and will certainly not be the last. Use this cool mp3 player as a music system or to store your podcasts – either way, it helps you as you prepare for any kind of test.

Magic Mobile phones: Some people may argue against this gadget on the list, but if you’re disciplined enough, you could use your cell phone to store reminders and set alarms for important events, like assignment due dates and test schedules. Smart phones are also useful if you’re averse to carrying around a heavy notebook computer but still want access to the Internet and an Office suite to type documents and create presentations.


Sturdy Scanners: Book scanners allow you to copy entire texts into their flash drives which you can then plug into your computer to read at leisure. You’ll save on the time and effort in making photocopies or jotting down hurried notes before it’s time to return the book to its owner.

Handy Headphones: Noisy environments are definitely not conducive to studying, and I know of no other place noisier than a dorm room. Save yourself the trouble of shouting yourself hoarse in the quest for some peace and quiet and just slip on noise cancelling headphones that allow you to shut out the sound and concentrate on the job at hand.

This article is contributed by Sarah Scrafford, who regularly writes on the topic of top 10 online universities. She invites your questions, comments and freelancing job inquiries at her email address:

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6 Responses to “Gadgets that Aid the Studying Process”

  1. Finchey says:

    Really good advices about studying process, thanks for this.

  2. Garriett says:

    Thank you for cool advices!

  3. Ann Cookie says:

    I think that before artificial paper would be casual and affordable reading from laptop makes your eyes tired. Books are far more comfy to read.

  4. Another great bunch of tips I wish I would have read back in my college days – I was so unorganized … Still, thanks! I’ll pass this advice to my friends :)

  5. SaraEG says:

    A great online study tool is! It’s safe, requires a .edu email to register, you can view and post past exams, study guides, and even create flashcards that you can sync to your iphone! This website is an amazing way to collaborate with your fellow classmates, create class schedules, and even rate your professors and classes. I love using Koofers. It even has a part of the website with old school games on it dedicated to taking a study break.

  6. Great tips! I use headphones cause I live with some people and the noise sometimes disturbs me. I also found pen drives very useful, I carry them with me all the time, just in case I need to download or copy something.