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Get your own Address Before Everyone Else

I caught this post over at Sizlopedia (a great blog by the way, I suggest you subscribe to their RSS.) which explains how to get your own or email address before everyone else.

emailicon.pngAfter getting my own, I realized the practical reasons of why I should inform you guys (and gals) about this opportunity. If Live mail replaces hotmail, then addresses will be snapped up left, right, and center by greedy people and spammers. It will soon turn into the current hotmail, being that you cannot register any good address (such as your name or basic words) without adding a string of 3-5 numbers after it.

So if you are still into hotmail (I hate it, gmail for life), you should definitely consider grabbing up your live address quickly, in order to get a professional looking one.


How to Register your Address [Sizlopedia]

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One Response to “Get your own Address Before Everyone Else”

  1. Not a bad idea, but I’m a gmail man myself, hotmail spam filter is not up to par for me.