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Google Tips Week

At Gearfire, last week we found ourselves in a pickle. Daniel and I were both going on spring vacation on the same week, and neither of us would have internet access. I am also a believer that you should relax on vacations, and leave work behind. We decided to write a couple extra articles in advance, and post those plus our 2-3 buffer articles in order to keep the content coming.

This week we will be posting a series of Google-related articles. Google plays a huge part in many of our lives. We search with it, we watch videos on it, and we read our feeds through it, so doesn’t it make sense to be productive with it? Hopefully over the next week you will learn some tips to help you use Google more productively.


Jordan will be here to deal with any issues, and normal posting will resume next weekend. In the mean time, use your newfound 1-2 minutes per day productively!

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