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Useful Student, GTD, and Organization Links – 03/30/07

It's exam season, and everyone here at Gearfire is a bit stressed out. Expect to see a small drop in post frequency, and post length. Instead, you will likely see many link posts like this. Hopefully you will still be getting the tools and tips, just temporarily less commentary  from us. If your a student, you shouldn't be spending much time reading your feeds anyways! 


Organize your  home with Stations – kind of relates to my article "Organize related items into a hub".


Seven Money Things to do During your Last Semester – some great financial advice for graduating students.


Why you shouldn't leave unused bank accounts open – Hmm, glad I just closed my inactive account last week. I wonder if this happens in Canada though… 



25 Things you should always keep in your car – useful advice for young drivers. Some might seem to be common sense, but as a student, I find this very informative.


Web-based task or project management spreadsheet - I haven't tried it yet, but this looks really useful.


Before you get rid of that hard drive… – I see too many people make this mistake. Make sure you follow this advice when disposing of an old HDD.


GTD Wallpaper – Very cool if you have a static desktop. I am still looking for a wallpaper that integrates into my stickies GTD system. 

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