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GTD Mastery 100: Step 10

To read my complete journey to GTD Mastery see the main post.

Step 10 to GTD Mastery is: I have listened to GTD on audiobook.

GTD Audiobook

With my family out for the Boxing Day madness (the Canadian Black Friday for our US readers), I took some time to listen to the GTD audiobook.


It was interesting to listen to David speak to me, but there isn’t any content that can’t be acquired by just reading the book. For anyone just getting started in GTD, I recommend buying the book because I found some of the concepts of GTD are better explained visually (e.g. a tickler file).

The abridged version that I listened to clocks in at under 3 hours. The big picture is there, but I couldn’t help but feel that finer details were missing (TBD upon a re-reading of the book). However, there’s a newly released unabridged version of the audiobook. According to the DavidCo site, this one clocks in at 8 hours and contains all the material from GTD.

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2 Responses to “GTD Mastery 100: Step 10”

  1. George Garrett says:

    Even better is to listen to the 7 CD GTD Fast! set, which comes from his live seminars. It’s hard to find – try eBay and similar sites.

  2. Chris Y. says:

    So I’ve heard from Merlin Mann. It’s not part of the GTD Mastery 100, but IMHO it should probably replace the audiobook in step 10.