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GTD Mastery 100: Steps 2 & 3

To read my complete journey to GTD Mastery see the main post.

Step 2 to GTD Mastery is: I have a calendar, which is always on hand.

As I wrote about in my current implementation, my calendar is my cell phone (Nokia 2125i). It’s easily pocketable when I’m on the go.

Nokia 2125i

Step 3 to GTD Mastery is: I use my calendar for appointments and day-specific items only.


Check. The main items in my calendar are meetings and daily/weekly tasks. Everything else is dumped into my HipRock.

I’m waiting for the Palm Centro to be released here in Canada (my wish to Santa). I really want to try out gtdfrk’s ListPro GTD implementation. It would be nice to merge my NA’s list and calendar.

Palm Centro

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