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GTD Mastery 100: Step 8

To read my complete journey to GTD Mastery see the main post.

Step 8 to GTD Mastery is: I have a place or places to keep Next Actions lists, accessible in the right context.

My HipRock serves as my Next Actions list.

It’s created using the Next Actions report from Thinking Rock which automatically orders my NAs alphabetically by context.

ThinkingRock's Next Actions Report


By using my weekly review to prune my NAs list, I’m able to build a smart to-do list.

Having a smart to-do list keeps the number of items on my list to a minimum. ThinkingRock’s NAs report creates a PDF file. My PDF is always less than 4 pages and I’m able to print all my NAs on one single-sided piece of paper.

Print multiple pages of a PDF

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