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Here is an Incentive to Subscribe to our RSS Feed

I tried to give away free Gradefix subscriptions in exchange for a review. Unfortunatly, this isn’t going very well, and I suspect it is either because people don’t understand what Gradefix is, they think writing a review is too hard, or they don’t have a blog themselves.

I am re-evaluating this, to hopefully give everyone a chance to get this free 2 month subscription. In case your wondering, this is NOT a paid review or anything of the sort. I was introduced to Gradefix last november, and not only am I still using it today, but I am incredibly satisfied with it. If you haven’t already, please check out my post here which goes more into detail about Gradefix.

Now you can recieve a subsription simply by subsribing to our RSS feed. We noticed that a large percentage of our visitors are  return users, so we thought this may be a good incentive to test out RSS. In the footer of each post is a link to the promotion. We are hoping to provide more promotional offers in the future, so its a good idea to subscribe so you don’t miss out.




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