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How and Why to Give up Internet Games

Ah, internet games. One of the most accessible and fun forms of distraction on your computer, besides your email. Their free, they are fun, and easy to "just play for a minute". If your at your office, these can be a great way to kill time in a meeting. But if your a student, these could cause you to waste away valuable study time.


Why you enjoy internet games:

1. They are passive, and require little thinking.

2. They distract you from your work, if you feel frustrated.

3. Hopefully you enjoy the game, and they relax you.


Why they are bad:

1. "wastes" your time, in the sense that one usually comes out of the game without any new information, material, or skills than he or she had when they started. 

2.  You could be spending your time on something more productive.


Now by "more productive", I don't mean work. Obviously, if you are playing a game, you are feeling too stressed, unproductive, and otherwise unfit to work/study. However, you can still engage in a passive, distracting, and enjoyable activity that is also productive.



A couple months ago, I went on an computer games fast. It was on a sunday, when I realised tdhat I spent 8 hours the previous day playing TrackMania. The lack of games only lasted about a month. Even though I caved in, I believe that games have their place, and I now play much less than two months ago. Here are some of the things that I did to fill in the empty place in my day which was craving passive, distracting content.


1. Subscribed to more feeds. I now have over 100 feeds, which gives me an almost constant source of stuff to read. This is usually passive, and provides useful information. It also cuts out the possible distractions from browsing the web.


2. Inbox folder on desktop. Instead of immideatly installing programs that I download, (usually from the Download Squad or Lifehacker Downloads feed) I put them into an inbox folder. I also put anything else that I need to deal with, including desktop icon and document clutter. When I have time, I try to process everything in this folder.


3. Inbox bookmarks folder. I do the same thing with my bookmarks. Signing up and exploring a service or website can easily take an hour, so its good to keep tabs on stuff you would like to try out when you are bored, and need a distraction from work.


4. Vitalist. Anything else that I can do, I file into Vitalist. I just fire it up in my browser, and I am instantly reunited with my almost infinite list of to-do items. 

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