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How to Boost your Productivity when Feeling Down

Have you ever had a day when you just didn’t get anything done? You probably have, and you know that it is not a pleasant feeling when you feel like you have just lost a day.

I have found that whenever I am feeling down, or frustrated with work, a good way to lighten up is to organize something. The other night, I felt that my entire day had been very unproductive. With no desire to work, read, or vegetate in front of the TV, I decided to clean out a section of my closet. I choose to organize this, because I came into contact with this space every day, but it was too cluttered with junk to actually use effectively.

The results were flabbergasting. I realized that not only had I had fun recovering forgotten items, and throwing away junk to free up space, but at the end of it, I felt way more productive than I had been just an hour ago. I have done this multiple times since them, not only at the end of the day, but even in the morning. Any time when you are feeling unproductive, organizing something can give you a real boost.


After about a week, I noticed that my house and office was much cleaner and more organized. Just organizing one small pile of junk can really build up. So next time you need a boost of productivity, or just want to get something done that day, try organizing something. The productivity boost is instant, but the newfound space and lack of clutter will last for a long time.  

Well… at least until you let more junk pile up.

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