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How to Properly Clean your Laptop’s LCD Screen

Digital Inspiration offers some great tips and advice on how to properly clean your laptop’s LCD screen, without scratching it.

“The TFT or LCD screen is one of the most expensive component of your notebook or desktop computer and they’re very sensitive to dust, fingerprints or even when you cough or sneeze without covering the mouth and nose.

Unlike the standard CRT monitors with Glass screens, you are not advised to clean an LCD Monitor by wiping it with a piece of dry lint-free cloth since the sensitive display is likely to get scratches from dust particles.”


The Proper Way to Clean LCD Screens [Digital Inspiration]

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5 Responses to “How to Properly Clean your Laptop’s LCD Screen”

  1. Kenric says:

    Wait, you mean spit and a tissue is the wrong way? Seriously, that article treats the screen like washing a $200,000 car. I don’t think the screen is THAT delicate. I just use a wet and dry face towel.

  2. eshopper says:

    We use a micro fibre cloth dipped into clean soapy water (washing up liquid). Wring cloth out until it is almost dry. Wipe screen with damp cloth and dry using an old clean tea towel. Perfect result every time. Even works perfectly on 42″ Plasma. For keyboard use a clean unused 2″ paint brush. Brush keys and then use damp micro fibre cloth to clean keycaps. Wrap cloth around paint brush and go between keys to clean or use a damp cotton bud.

  3. Emily B says:

    Good advice. Tried it and my screen now looks brand new!

  4. Brilliant, even the professionals can learn something new every day!

  5. Good tips for clean laptop screen. Thanks for information.