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How to Use AideRSS to Clean Up your Feed Reader

We’ve talked before about How to Read Feeds more Productively but what do you do when one of your favorite feeds starts posting too much? Well now you don’t have to go to the extreme of unsubscribing, and instead you can fix the problem.

I found myself in this position a couple days ago, with one of my favorite feeds: Download Squad. DS has very interesting articles, and I usually find a lot of cool apps from them. However they post 13 items per day, and lately many of those have become low-quality posts, which I do not want to read. So you can see my problem is that I do not want to wade through 7 posts I will not read to get to the 4-5 that I like.

Simple solution: Use AideRSS to filter your feeds.

AideRSS rates individual items in feeds based on the reaction in the blogosphere, such as Diggs, bookmarks, Technorati favorites, etc. The posts are rated on a scale of 1-10, but most fall into 1-7. You can then choose to receive only higher numbers into your feed reader. The idea is that if the post is worth reading, it will create a reaction and people will talk about it. For Download Squad, I subscribed to the “Great” filter, which sends me about 1/3 of their articles.


The only thing I am concerned about is whether AideRSS reports the number of subscribers to the original RSS source. Otherwise, it could hurt advertising revenue for that blog.

So if you find yourself surrounded with feeds that post too many items a day, but you don’t want to unsubscribe completely, try using AideRSS, so you only get the cream of the feed.

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