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Inpowr – track your well-being

I came across this wonderful article at Download Squad, which introduced me to a new web 2.0 app called Inpowr.

Inpowr is a web 2.0 self-exploration and discovery service. The front page is not very discriptive, but it gives you the three main principles of the app. Rate your well-being, Set your Goals, and Share your experience. Inpowr had a booth at the Web 2.0 Expo, and gave out a bunch of invitation codes. I was not fortunate enough to go (don't you have to be over 18?), however I still managed to get an account (I'll show you how further below).


When you log into your account, those three main principles are clearly broken up into a more thorough process. The six main sections to the site are well-being, overview, goals, planning, action, and progress. There are a few more community based sections such as supporters, journal, and profile.


The first thing you do with your Inpowr account is visit the well-being section, and fill out a 36 question "survey" about your well-being. You are presented statements such as "I feel good about my body" and you must express how well the statement applies to you, on a slider from 1 to 5. After completing the survey (and some silly questions), you will be shown a nice flower-like chart showing your well-being in various areas of life. A future-improvement that I hope for is the ability to manually adjust the areas of this chart. Under the overview section, you can see the results of how you rated your well-being. You can dig into each category, and see your response to each statement.



The most interesting part is definitely the goals section. Here you can choose things you want to improve (such as My inner peace, or my finances) from a pool, and categorize them into like groups. You then input an action that you could do that would change the current situation. This is your goal.


Currently, this is as far as the beta goes. Later on they will be rolling out the features for planning, action, and progress. From the feature explanations, I gather that you set a 21-day period to try to improve in a certain area. You can track your progress each day, and then at the end re-rate your well-being, and see the difference.


At first glance, Inpowr seems mildly interesting, but could be written off as another variation of 43 things, or LifeTango. However, after I created an account, I was immediately hooked. Unfortunately though, all the features have not been rolled out yet, so we are forced to sit on the edge of our seats waiting for the rest to come. If you were not fortunate enough to attend the Web 2.0 Expo, you can still sign-up for a beta account without waiting, using the invitation code "WEB2EXPO". Or you can jump straight to the registration link here

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