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Sort your schedule

When planning revision, it’s a good idea to plan things out in advance. A tip for you all is try and make a list of what you need to get done in preparation for each exam paper, that is specific actions that will help improve your grade.

When you come to planning what you are doing for the week (a habit I will talk more about at a later date), I certainly find it far easier to plan everything out on paper. Once you have done this first step, that is a large amount of the preparation out of the way; it is now simply a process of slotting the actions into your schedule. I find it best to work on paper – the source for my calendar templates? I print weekly schedule calendars off the following site:


There is a whole range of different calendar templates available for use, and can be a great help for planning. The half hour blocks weekly calendar is the one I use. It lets you look ahead long enough to plan properly but with short enough times you can schedule effectively.

Try making (and sticking to) a plan and see if you work more effectively.

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16 Responses to “Sort your schedule”

  1. Thanks for this. I’m going to start printing paper calenders to keep up with different project deadlines and things of that nature.

  2. Student says:

    I am terrible when it comes to planning. Going to try this for a few weeks and see if it would help me.

  3. Used Tires says:

    I think not many people talk about scheduling, and they don’t think it is a big deal, but…. if they organize themselves and schedule ahead of time, they will really reap the benefits from it. That website is very simple, but very useful! :)

    Till then,


  4. planning, planning, planning. Success in business really starts and stops there. You need to plan and set expectations of the organization. It allows you to obtain the needed resources and time need to succeed.

  5. Kidmam says:

    I always try to make a good plan for the entire day. This helps save a lot of time.

  6. I have been doing that for years, I have two plans a weekly and a daily, the weekly plan is a broad cover of what I need to do and the daily is more detailed.

  7. Good advice. I think proper schedule is really helpful for exam otherwise we can’t get good grade. Thanks.

  8. I think time management is really important whether you a student or a worker, or a business person with out it one would never get through a day.

  9. Can one just imagine not having a schedule, especially in business, or studying for that matter ones life would become crazy and I know that I wouldn’t be able to cope with that I have to have my ducks in a row,

  10. Nice article. I used sometimes Google calendar for remind important things.

  11. Kidmam says:

    Google calendar? Yes, it’s good. -)

  12. From my experience, it is SUPER important to schedule yourself, even if you do it just once, it’s important to see just how much time you actually have available to do the things you want to do, rather than just going with the flow, which might wind up hurting you more, than if you took a few minutes to plan ahead. It’s like building a house… they don’t do it with out a plan.


  13. Edward Hill says:

    yes, it is very important to take note, organize and make a plan of your schedule because it will help you save your time.

  14. In today’s fast paced world, it can be extremely difficult to remember everything you have to do on a daily basis, to remember all your appointments, meetings, anniversaries, paying bills on time, favorite TV show, manage your ideas, and much, much more.

  15. You can have all the tips and gadgets you want but if you are not a disciplined person it won’t work. Remember that!

  16. Sorting schedule is part of effective time management. As for me, I stick to the conventional memo notebook. It works for me, in fact, it’s a necessity. I tend to loose my track and forget things when I don’t have my schedule written on my memo notebook.