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My Latest GTD Adventures

With all the buzz around Moleskin notebooks, and their GTD capabilities, I just had to find out what everyone was talking about. I ordered a set of three pocket lined notebooks from eBay a week ago, and I am waiting to have them delivered. I have always been a digital guy, so I'm not sure if this whole paper and pen thing will work for me. I'll update you when I get it.


On a more digital note, I picked up a used Sony Clié handheld from a garage sale yesterday for $10. With the help of CompanionLink, I have been able to sync my google calendar with it, but I am still working on a way to view my Vitalist actions on my palm. Vitalist is my GTD hub, and it would be really awesome to have it with me on the go. I have tried using AvantGo, and other offline readers such as Plucker to fetch data from, but it will not work, because the page requires a log-in. Does anyone know how I can go about syncing my Vitalist with an old palm? 



I have been using my exercise ball as a chair for a couple months now, and it seems to be going fine. It is definitely more exciting than a regular chair. I haven't seen any big calorie-burning advantages, but I do feel more energized when I get up.



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  1. Lisa says:

    Hello. Thanks for coming to my site. I see you came for the urbanseeder link. I took that down but here’s a fresh one.