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NEW! Gearfire Mobile!

I was playing around with a cool site called xFruits the other day. Basically, xFruits is a way to mash around with RSS feeds, through various options. One of the options is RSS to Mobile, so I decided to try it out with Gearfire's RSS feed.

You can now access our latest 10 articles on the go by visiting The main page is about 5kb, and each article without pictures is about 6kb. It may not be ideal for cell phone usage, as it could get expensive, but if you have a blackberry or PDA, you may want to keep this in mind.


Do you know any other methods for creating a mobile site, or converting our RSS feed to mobile? I think it would be cool to make Gearfire accessible on reader's cell phones, and hopefully not cost very much. Does anyone know any good ways to do this?


Also, is there anything else that you would like to see at Gearfire? We were thinking of creating a download-able PDF including all of our posts at this time. Any thoughts on this? Or perhaps you have a cooler idea that you would like to see put in place? All suggestions are welcome.



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