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Online Newspaper Subscriptions: no more papers in your garden

Erin posted a good point over at Unclutterer about getting rid of your paper news subscription, and converting to online subscriptions. I think this is a superb ideas, and I have made my opinion clear about paper vs. Digital in my post Going Paperless with PDF.

560px-newspapersvg.pngPersonally, I don’t read newspapers. I don’t care about keeping up with the latest political scandals or the latest horrific murders and all that other media stuff. I get my news from online news sites such as Reuters, and sometimes even Digg. In fact, when most people are sitting down with their coffee and newspaper, I’ll be eating breakfast, flipping through my Google Reader feeds with one hand.

However if you are in love with a brand-name newspaper publication, or you are not tech-savvy enough to move to RSS, then at least consider a digital subscription. No more piles of old newspaper in your garage, no more pages of useless classifieds that you are not interested in, and no more paperboys throwing your paper into your bush constantly.


Online newspaper subscriptions. They may have been here for years now, but they may still be the future of broad publication (vs. personal publication such as selecting and subscribing to individual feeds.).

What do you think?

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2 Responses to “Online Newspaper Subscriptions: no more papers in your garden”

  1. The great new thing about online newspaper subscription is that you can with just one subscription get access to many newspapers – for a fraction of the cost of one print subscription. is one of the companies that offers this.

  2. Hi,
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