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What to Do If You Have to Pay for Your Post-Secondary Education?

Money Back GuaranteeIt doesn’t take long to realise that going to university or college is an expensive decision, so let’s not re-hash that now. What we should re-hash though, is how to finance this decision. Which is why I open up the floor to you guys, lovely Gearfire readers who are so chock full of intelligent knowledge.

For those of you in a post-secondary program, or considering going to one, how are you financing the decision?

For you brave folk going it alone and OYOP (i.e. out of your own pocket) what budgeting tips/tricks/planning tools have you come across that are just too good to keep inside? Come on, you know you want to share! What do you do when/if you run out of money on the 15th of the month and need to you know, eat?

For all you folk who applied to/got scholarships, do you have any application tips? What about any good advice you’ve got for high-school students who are looking to apply for scholarships- know of any good resources for them?


But wait, there’s more! What about deciding where/what you want to study? If you’ve already decided, do tell how the decision came about!

I’ve actually already got answers to all of these questions, but it would be so much more fun, and so much more conducive to discussion is we opened the floor here and just got a brainstorming session going. At the end, I’ll put all the best/brightest tips together and churn out one fantastic guide on how to finance your education. So, let’s hear those suggestion!

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One Response to “What to Do If You Have to Pay for Your Post-Secondary Education?”

  1. You know I am still not sure what courses I would like to study ;)