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Quick Tip: Always Check the Weather

Around here, March is one of the craziest months of the year weather-wise. This week alone, our temperatures have ranged between 20 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit! That’s quite a spread. However, it seems several of my peers do not check the weather before heading out, and wind up either wearing an overcoat and winter boots when it’s 70 degrees out or a t-shirt and shorts when the temperature plummeted from 70 to 30 over night.

My advice to you is to always check the weather before leaving your room. This way you will be prepared by dressing appropriately and having the right weather-related gear (such as an umbrella) – even if it’s just in case!

There are several ways to constantly have weather updates. Personally, I use Weather Underground and follow a couple of local news stations on Twitter. If you have a television, there is always the Weather Station (around here, it’s Channel 99). Another good weather website is


No matter how you receive your weather information, be sure to stay up to date to always be prepared!

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17 Responses to “Quick Tip: Always Check the Weather”

  1. Relyt says:

    Yeah, weather underground is great. I use it too – excellent for the free radar.

    I also love small, simple sites like (simply enter zip and it will tell you if you need an umbrella today or not) and (cool interface – bookmark your city).

    Psssst – If you want a free year-long trial to weather underground, see here:

  2. That’s truly a handy tip considering the unpredictable nature of weather in March.

  3. Don’t ever forget about the weather! During times when the seasons are changing, especially! if you’rte going away for a few days it really pays to make sure you got items that will suit all climes packed!

  4. deepikaur says:

    Definitely. Checking the weather is a must! Just last week, we had weather ranging from mid-20s to 70s. Imagine that: sunshine, rain, and snow, all in the same week.

    I usually use to get more detailed reports, but otherwise just Google weather + zipcode, or visit, the most simple weather report out there.

  5. Weather is always unpredictable, here in South Africa we can have all 4 seasons in one day. :)

  6. Used Tires says:

    I know what you mean about checking the weather, I usually do it myself, the one time I forgot to check it this year, it really blew up on me…. Let’s just say I spent money to get my car washed, and then the next day it was snowing… so yeah needless to say I had to go to the car wash again.

    Till then,


  7. It is funny how many people never check the weather before they head out.

  8. Twin XL says:

    So where is here? Yeah, in Ohio its a good idea to check the weather no matter what month it is!

  9. A good tip for me because I constantly find myself getting caught in bad weather.

  10. This is good advice. Too many people try to be spontaneous and then they look like a fool as they are over or under-dressed. If you’re doing anything outside, you have to ensure that mother nature plans to cooperate. Sometimes you just have to reschedule for better weather.

  11. in nice site for national & local weather check. Thanks for good tips.

  12. gas card says:

    Unless you live in sunny southern California, where the weather is always 70 and sunny …. then its a good idea to check the weather constantly … most places in the US aren’t exactly known for being predictable

  13. Weather, so unpredictable no matter where you are, its always best to check, or maybe were layers :)

  14. Good advise for check weather. This is good site for check weather. Thanks for information.

  15. ATV Auctions says:

    Many people don’t take this somewhat obvious advice. How often have you seen some guy in shorts caught in the rain. By checking weather forecasts you can enjoy your time outdoors much more with less inconveniences.

  16. I can’t even imagine going somewhere without checking the weather. But as I can see now, a lot of people forget about it. I think some people still don’t believe in weather forecasts. I also use Weather Underground sometimes. But generally it doesn’t matter where we check it, good that we check at all.

  17. I always check the weather, it’s my habit and I wouldn’t leave house without at least listening to the weather forecast on the radio. Even if it’s not so specific and sometimes wrong, it gives me the basic idea of how what to wear and how to plan my day.