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Quick Tip: Search Most Websites Using Firefox’s Keyword Bookmarking Feature

One of the great features of Firefox is the ability to use keyword bookmarking. What keyword bookmarking allows, is the ability to type a keyword into the URL bar and be directed to the site which has that bookmark. e.g. bookmark with keyword amo, and then type amo into the URL bar and be directed to Today I will explain how to take advantage of keyword bookmarking and let you search virtually any site by typing in a few simple words into the URL bar.

First, go to the site you would like to do this for first, and do a search for whatever you want (it doesn't matter)

Next, look at the URL. If you see what you typed into the search box in the first step, then you are good to go.

Third, bookmark the page (if you have the UI Tweaker extension installed with "Add a keyword when adding a bookmark" enabled (under the Miscellaneous section) it makes things a bunch easier)

Now you must add a keyword to the bookmark. Without the UI Tweaker extension, go to the bookmarks drop down menu, right click on the page you just bookmarked, and select properties.  Enter the keyword you would like to use (e.g. for google search – google or search-google.  something that you will remember)


Lastly, in the properties window, look at the URL and find the keyword that you got in step 2.  Now replace that keyword and that keyword only with "%s".  Now when you type in the keyword plus the keywords of the search you want to make, the websites search page should come up with your search already made.




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