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Recently Read in my Feed Reader

Facebook Profile Cleaner – if you use facebook how it is supposed to be used, (a social utility to connect with real-friends) then you probably get annoyed with everyone having graffiti walls, random joke widgets, and other annoying Facebook Apps on their page. Facebook Profile Cleaner lets you specify which basic apps to allow, and you will see only those when you visit your own and other people’s profiles.

How to Detect a Lie
– who doesn’t want to master facial and body language, so they can clearly hear the unspoken language.

Does the internet increase your productivity? – No. Unlike with the TV where you know you are procrastinating, on the internet you can feel like you are doing work while you waste time on emails, stupid web apps, etc.


Firefox Address Bar Trick – really cool, but does anyone actually type www any more? For most .com domains, my Firefox bar automatically includes the www and com.

How to Beat Carnival Games
– just because your girlfriend wants you to win a stuffed rabbit doesn’t mean you have to spend $95. With these tips, you probably only have to spend $40!

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2 Responses to “Recently Read in my Feed Reader”

  1. Josh says:

    Hello Gearfire team!

    I wanted to thank you for adding my site to your blog roll and let you know that I’ve added you back!

    This student productivity niche is growing and I believe it to be full of potential!

    And, thanks for the ‘welcome to the block’ comment on my blog a few days back.


  2. Hi Geoff. I just came to your blog to test the new cocomment feature I came across through Blogging Fingers.

    I was pleasantly suprised to see you had linked to an article I had written for lifehack – Internet and productivity!

    I would appreciate if you could leave a comment on my site, just to test the cocoment feature. Many thanks