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Reader Feedback: What are you looking for?

It feels a shame to have to knock my last post off the top of the page given the warm reception it has received, however I need to take the chance to ask all of you as readers for some help and advice. The truth is I have probably neglected this blog a little lately, and I’m sorry. Now things are starting to get a little less stressful (despite exam season starting, getting rid of one of my most stressful extra curriculars now it has ended has done a world of good!) I am hoping to dedicate a little more time writing, even if I have to become an earlier riser to do so.

All in all, I need to know what it is that you want as readers. Writing posts for this blog is not always easy, particularly when I don’t get a lot of feedback, so now is your chance.

What I want to know is what type of posts you are looking for? In terms of some suggestions, the ones that spring to mind are:


  • ‘Student Philosophy’ style posts, based on ideas about how to live life as a student
  • ‘Big Thought’ style posts, things like my recent posts about standing out as a student
  • ‘Student Tips’, such as the earlier posts I wrote on things such as how to beat stress and revise effectively etc. etc.
  • Polls – Getting more discussion going on the blog, having votes and discussions on student issues

Obviously there are a wealth more but that’s just some ideas for you to have a think about. What I really want is for as many readers as possible to get back to me and let me know what they prefer, what they think to the posts on GearFire as of lately, and what direction they want this blog to go in!

The blog is designed for YOU as a reader! The best way that we can do this is for you to tell us what you want. Post your thoughts in the comments section and I will do my best to make sure what I’m writing is in the style readers want to hear! Don’t be shy either, in case you can’t tell from the grovelling, I really need your feedback.

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13 Responses to “Reader Feedback: What are you looking for?”

  1. rupss says:

    student philosophy and tips sound good

  2. I won’t be shy, like everyone else seems to be. As a fellow college blogger I try to keep a list of things that college students show interest in. Even though it breaks all the rules, I’ll share some… =)

    The articles that college students really want are things that are easy to identify and incorporate into daily life. These are the things that have most value to us. Short, fast life hacks.

    Here are a couple of ideas.

    Dorm Room Essentials – I never lived in a dorm, but for those who do, or are going to when they start college, this is a must. We need to know what kinds of things most college students will need.

    Things to do on the weekends that wont break the bank

    How to meet people at big universities – I’ve been told by many people that even though there are 50,000 students at their schools, it’s hard to make new friends. That doesn’t seem right, maybe they just need to relearn how to…

    Tips on Public Speaking, writing, time management, networking, critical thinking, and even stress release and relaxation.

    Ethics – This one I’ve been thinking about lately. Lets say the same teacher teaches a class 2 different days a week. You are in the second class of the week. You have the opportunity to find out what is on the test from a friend in the 1st class of the week. Do you find out? Why or why not? What are the ethical boundaries as far as this goes? And other similar things…

    Nutritional supplements for college students – remember when ginkgo was popular for memory retention? Well these days college kids taking all kinds of stuff to get an edge when performing academically. Review their supplements and research the safety and effectiveness of each.

    And last but not least, I’m a big advocate of fitness. You could give people a quick rundown of how to make time for and get into physical development. A healthy body makes for a healthy mind, right?

  3. Also you can let that great writer at do a couple of guest posts. He’s pretty good!

  4. Des says:

    I really liked the “Student Tips” the most.

  5. Carl Hickson says:

    Thanks for the advice Ibrahim. You’re certainly welcome to do a guest post or two! You’ve got my e-mail address so just send me a message and let me know your topic idea. Mind if I explore that ethics situation you’ve put forward there?

    Thanks everyone else for the tips. A trend seems to be appearing, we’ll see if it continues as the responses roll in. Hopefully I’m not being optimistic about getting more responses!

  6. Kidmam says:

    I like to read in a blog article about the Student Philosophy. I love to read at all.

  7. Everything I have read has been very useful and to me it seems you are giving great information all on your own.
    One of the things I am actually trying now is subliminal learning (listening to educational cd’s while sleeping)

  8. Hey great blog.

    Very useful information!

  9. I would like more on meeting fellow students and dorm room essentials.

    Your blog is very informative just so you know.

  10. Maybe some talk about freeware student aids that are available on the internet could be nice too. Anything that can help to either save time, or add insight into difficult subjects, will be most welcome.

  11. Kidmam says:

    I think you can discuss the problem of active recreation facilities for students. -)

  12. Ha, recreation facilities. Many seem to be run-down at many colleges.

  13. I like to read in a blog article about the Student Philosophy. I love to read at all.