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Revision Tip: Question, Question, Question

 Study in the Park

Another post on revision tips from me today. Mid-terms are coming up for many of you so I hope this is proving to be useful.


One thing that I’ve found very useful in my revision is not using rote review. I can read something time and time again, and never really get to grips with it. What I find is better to do is to quiz yourself on the work covered so far, perhaps using a set of prepared questions. Then run through these questions, and compare what you remembered to the notes you made. This helps to identify what is missing and needs to be revised, and also, helps to build a deeper understanding of content, not just the regurgitation of it.

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2 Responses to “Revision Tip: Question, Question, Question”

  1. Nice tips for revision. Thanks.

  2. Without revision i forget everything in my examination. Thanks for revision tip.