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Running Hack: Mod your iPod Buds for a More Secure Fit

The iPod Nano is a great running companion because it is so light and small. Even more so because it can be paired with Nike+ gear, and sensor kit, which allows you to track your run stats (time, distance, pace, calories) wireless via your iPod.


If you have ever tried running with the standard iPod ear buds, you will have seen how unstable they are, ad how they flop out of your ear every couple steps. A side from duct-taping the ear buds to your head, these buds are not fit for running.


Yesterday when running, my favorite pair of Skullcandy buds died. I could send them in for warranty replacement, but in the meantime, I would need something to run with. Need to go out and spend $35 on a pair of headphones, right? Wrong! This hack will cost you about a dollar, and your iPod buds will be reborn, fit for running.


1. Buy a cheap pair of over-ear earphones. I found a pair at the dollar store. Don't worry about the crappy sound quality, all you need is the rubber piece that goes behind your ear.


2. Throw out the actual earbuds. The sound quality on the dollar store buds are horrific, so you might as well throw them out. Before you do so, be sure to keep the jack part as a laptop silencer. Depending on what type of set you got, you may need to slash the bottom of the rubber thing with a pocketknife, to make a hole.



3. Attach it to your iPod Buds. The cord will feed easily into the rubber piece, so you just have to push down on it a little to keep it secure. To attach the actual bud, I recommend using tightly wound Scotch Tape.


4. Run! After 30 minutes of running, these modded buds didn't fall out. They shifted around a bit, and needed some slight adjusting, but other than that, they are great.


Another advantage of the iPod buds is that the cord is fairly short. My old running buds had a long cord, which tugged at the earbuds every time I stepped.

While running, you may feel as if the modded buds are about to fall out. This is because they are in at a weird angle. Don't worry though, usually they are fine. 

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