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I Got Sandy, and You Can Too!

sandy.pngIwantsandy is a new breed of organizational system to keep people organized on the go. It is marketed as more of a virtual secretary than a personal to-do list. Instead of adding items into your to-do list or tickler files manually, you can CC Sandy when you send an email with important information, and she will intelligently scan the email and try to pick out things you want her to remember. She’s pretty smart by herself, but you can further the accuracy by using her name or keywords such as “Remind me” or “Remember” to flag the surrounding area as being important information. Here are some of the examples they give for students:

  • Remember reasonably priced used 2005 Vespa at AutoTrader @shopping
  • Remind me about Literature 101 study group Mon 6-9pm @weekly
  • Remind me to call Mom on her birthday on 9/16/07 @yearly @birthday
  • Remember I work at the book store Tue 9-11:30am @work
  • Remember to sign up for extra credit hours at the Psych lab on Friday afternoon.

I was lucky enough to have gotten a beta invitation a couple months ago, but I haven’t really used it. It’s not that iwantsandy is bad or anything, it just doesn’t fit my style of organization. I prefer spending the extra time to personally organize my tickler files and to-do list. However for the average busy student who doesn’t want to spend time with to-do lists, iwantsandy is an amazing tool.



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