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Save Full Images of Webpages with PageSaver

Page Saver is an extension for Firefox that allows you to capture a full image of the page you are currently viewing, even if it doesn’t all fit in your window. This is incredibly useful if you need to capture a page for future reference, but you do not want to printing it will ruin the formatting (which eliminates the option of printing to PDF).

Another really cool feature is that unlike a screenshot, capturing a page with Page Saver only captures the page, and not your browser window, and it saves directly to a PNG file. This eliminates the need to open an image editor to crop and save your capture.

A couple weeks ago my friend was unfairly banned by a moderator on his favorite message board. Before the moderator deleted the thread, I went in and snapped a picture of each page, and sent it to my friend as evidence if he needed it. Capturing forum conversations is just one of the many uses for Page Saver. When you need it, you will be glad you have it.


Pearl Crescent Page Saver is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that lets you capture images of web pages. These images can be saved in PNG format or (with Firefox 2) in JPEG format. The entire page or just the visible portion may be captured. Options let you control whether images are captured at full size (which is the default) or scaled down to a smaller size.

Page Saver [Pearl Cresent]

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