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Schoolr – Start page for Students

There are thousands of potential home pages, or "portals" out there on the web. In the past, I have used Google, Google Homepage, and Netvibes. All of these are great for general information, but it doesn't always apply very well to students. One page that caught my eye was Schoolr.

For students, Schoolr is a great startpage to help you academically. Personally I do not use start-pages too much, but nonetheless I find this to be a useful academic tool. While regularly I would prefer Google homepage, when working academically I am likely to use Google, Wikipedia, and at least one other tool on this page.



Google Search

Wikipedia Search,, and (Encyclopedia) Searches


Acronym Search

Urban Dictionary Search

Citation Builder 

Language Translator

Unit Converter 

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2 Responses to “Schoolr – Start page for Students”

  1. thanks for the resource I will share it with my students. I have also blogged about start pages and education, check out my post at

  2. [...] A Good Homepage for Students: Gearfire features this post about a website called Schoolr which makes a good choice as a homepage. Basically Schoolr comibines searches for google, wikipedia, dictionary, translations, and citations all in one easy to find space. Personally my browser is always open so a “homepage” is fairly redundant, and I use Quicksilver to conduct all my searches, but this is probably a good place to send students. [...]

  3. [...] it comes to browser homepages, I have slowly drifted from MSN to Google, to Netvibes, to Schoolr, to Sputtr and then back to Google. My latest (and quite possibly greatest) startpage is [...]

  4. DrexelU Student says:

    Personally I use an igoogle customized homepage. I have a wikipedia search, my email, a search and a few other applications along with the built in google search. It can do all of the things that schoolr can do, as well as more, and it allows you to take away anything that you really don’t use. I prefer it much more for just that reason, everything you need and nothing you don’t. I recommend it to everyone, it only takes a minute or to to set up.